Monday Feb 05, 2024

6. Data-based decision drivers

Matt Bechdol fell into a class on remote sensing during his time as a student at Indiana University and what was initially a requirement for environmental science turned into a love affair. Specifically, he fell in love with the intersection of business, agriculture, technology and the environment – close to the definition of agbioscience, right? That love took him to graduate school, an ag research gig at NASA and ultimately becoming the CEO of GRYFN in 2019. 

GRYFN focuses on remote sensing and spatial data to help automate business processes and bring objectivity to time-intensive, human work like plant breeding. Matt gets into the question they’re always asking: what else? From defense to oceanography, he talks about a creating a wide swath of tools to create multiple insights that solve problems across different industries. 

As a CEO, Matt gives us his entrepreneurial leadership lessons, too. He talks about providing clarity on your value proposition, pricing discipline, knowing what you’re good at and hitting base hits rather than home runs.  

Listen to Matt’s past episode of Agbioscience here: 

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