Monday Oct 23, 2023

42. Through the lens of the farmer

Innovations in seed holds tremendous promise – from improving yield to resilience and profitability – and has transformed significantly over the last few decades. Today we are joined by Beck’s Hybrids President, Scott Beck, to talk about the iconic family-owned brand, being a third-generation leader in the business and watching a small operation grow to the massive brand it is today. 

Scott talks all things company culture and keeping that as you grow and scale a business. He also reflects on returning to the company after graduating from Purdue in 1987 (he was the 12th employee), shifting their focus from being a seed company that has marketing to becoming a marketing company that has seed, and viewing all things through the lens of the farmer. That includes relationships with many agbioscience companies to bring diversity and value to the farmer.  

What’s ahead for Beck’s Hybrids? More of the farmer, of course. Scott talks R&D, looking into the future to help the farmer and how he sees the company innovating in the future. 

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