Monday Jan 08, 2024

2. Innovation for the world’s animals

What’s in a name? For the world’s second-largest animal health company, Elanco, its name bears roots from Eli Lilly and Company.  More than an acronym for a name, though, the company is on a growth trajectory, an innovation engine looking to create a positive impact for the world’s animals. And for Dr. Tyre Grant, Vice President of Global Product Development and Project Management, the name defines her 19-year career as a scientist (a resume she calls a privilege).  

Tyre joins us today to talk about how Elanco thinks about innovation for both farm animal and pet health, what the company is uniquely positioned to solve and how that mindset focuses her team when it comes to bringing new products to the market. She also gets into the importance of partnerships when it comes to innovation, spinning out technologies and striking the right balance to create the most value to farmers and pet owners.  

As a career scientist, what has Tyre seen as the biggest advances in the industry over the last two decades? And how do those set the tone for the next 20 years and what’s to come? Tyre talks automation and the intersection between human and animal health solutions. She also gives advice to future scientists looking for their role in the agbioscience industry. 

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