Tuesday Jan 02, 2024

1. Determining our destiny

From his cowboy boots to his tall stature, Governor Eric Holcomb is a presence. You’ve likely heard him, though not like this. How did Indiana’s leader come to be? He joins us today to tell his story, to dive into his sense of urgency headed into the final 12 months of his administration and to talk about, of course, agbioscience. More specifically, its critical role in securing Indiana’s economy of the future. 

Indiana has evolved rapidly under his leadership and Holcomb has established a new approach to economic development – from the READI program and the LEAP concept just north west of Indianapolis, to name a few. How do these assets shape our future? Holcomb talks about being ready for what's coming and making sure we’ve not put our eggs in one industry basket. He also talks leadership, having a plan and being ready to keep eyes and ears open to adapt to the moment. 

Heading into the fourth turn (a little IndyCar reference), where is Holcomb focused? This is our time, he says, and carpe diem. And because we like basketball in Indiana – it's time to step up to the line, block out the boos and knock down those important shots to make great things happen. 

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